Thursday, July 22, 2010

iPhone 4: To Order, or Not To Order?

So I finally got around to physically checking out the iPhone 4.  I was expecting to look at the new Retina display and go "Holy F'in Poop" this is awesome... but I didn't.
However... it does look great--- it was like looking into a Fantasy World.

I also forgot how small and light the iPhones are without any case or bumpers...  It didn't feel right in my hand... I'm so used to the bulk (albeit small) added to my 3gs from my $2 Taiwanese case. ( FTW!)

I didn't have time to play with it enough to see if there will be a noticeable speed increase for me.  I was fine with my 3gs until the new iOS4 came out... I found this new OS really slowed me down in day2day tasks.

So bottom line is...I wasn't 100% blown away by the phone and I'm left handed... so now I sit here and ponder.

To Order or Not to Order, that is the Question.

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